o1Labs builds products that harness the power of zero knowledge cryptography. With our tools, developers can seamlessly integrate and leverage this power to build privacy-centric solutions across diverse industries and use cases.


Mina Protocol

Mina is the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Using zero knowledge proofs, Mina is creating the infrastructure for the secure democratic future we all deserve.



Mina utilizes zk-SNARKs (zero knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge) to reduce the entire blockchain's size to just a few kilobytes. This allows any device to participate in the network without the need for large amounts of storage.


By enabling lightweight nodes that can quickly verify the blockchain, more nodes can easily join the network and participate in consensus without having to store the entire chain state. Mina has achieved decentralization, unparalleled in the crypto space.


The protocol incorporates zero knowledge natively. This enables users to conduct transactions without revealing transaction details while ensuring the integrity of the blockchain.

Highly Scalable

With a succinct, constant-size blockchain and the ability for nodes to quickly verify the chain, the protocol will be able to maintain succinctness even as the network grows - making it future-proof.


o1js is a powerful zk framework that allows developers to rapidly build and deploy applications that implement advanced zk cryptography and benefit from the privacy and scaling offered by the Mina protocol.


Easy to Use

Write your first zkApp in less than a day! o1js is a DSL embedded in Typescript. Install using npm and build in a familiar environment with common tools like VSCode with Intellisense, Jest, ESLint, Prettier, etc.

Feature Rich

Focus on implementing your idea, not reinventing the wheel. o1js features a comprehensive set of pre-built methods, libraries, primitives, and algorithms.


Need more? o1js includes efficient building blocks (gadgets) that allow advanced users to construct new primitives, algorithms, and data structures.

User Friendly

End users love zkApps built with o1js. In-browser computation means a single transaction fee for infinitely sophisticated zkApps. No gas fees. zkApps compile to embedded Wasm and run in any browser. P2P proving for low-latency zkApps.


Kimchi is the industry-leading general-purpose zero knowledge proof system for generating recursive proofs and proving the correct execution of programs. It powers and secures the Mina Blockchain and enables privacy and local execution of zkApps.


Hyper Modular

Kimchi is behind everything we build at o1, providing the backbone of the proof system used in the o1VM, o1js zkApps, and the Mina blockchain itself.


Kimchi works in tandem with Pickles - Mina’s recursive zk-SNARK system - to construct proofs with zk-SNARKs and combine them in flexible ways to deliver incremental verifiable computation.

General Purpose PLONKish

Kimchi offers a collection of improvements and optimizations on top of PLONK - one of the most popular general-purpose zero knowledge proof constructions - helping deliver performance efficiencies, flexibility, and enabling new proving use cases.


o1VM is a hyper-efficient MIPS zkVM grafted onto our proof system, Kimchi. It is used to generate fault/validity proofs for the Optimism Stack. More to come...


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We are always looking for innovative projects to collaborate with. Whether you're from Web2 looking to harness the power of zero knowledge, or a Web3 native taking that next step into the future, we want to hear from you.