Unveiling Our Evolution: A Refreshed o1Labs Brand for a Web3 Future

Discover o1Labs' brand refresh—Dive into how this evolution aligns with our commitment to user-centric innovations and catalyzing change in the blockchain space.


Welcome to the next chapter of our journey! As we undergo an exciting evolution at o1Labs, we're thrilled to introduce our refreshed brand—a pivotal step in our transition to a product-led company. At the heart of this transformation lies our unwavering commitment to catalyzing a new generation of applications powered by zero knowledge cryptography.

The Motivation Behind the Refresh

In the spirit of clarity and approachability, we've made some exciting changes. Say goodbye to O(1) Labs and welcome to o1Labs! While we feel a tinge of nostalgia bidding farewell to the era of big O notation, we are driven by our vision to make Web3 accessible to everyday users. We’re the first to admit that our company name was frequently misspelled and mispronounced and this new spelling and logo, vibrant color schemes, and playful typography reflect our approachable, user-friendly direction.

And this brand refresh isn’t just a fresh coat of paint—it's the visual manifestation of our evolution. Every detail, from the logo to color choices, reflects where we’ve come from and where we strive to go. Behind the scenes, we invested in intense research, thoughtful design, and a strategic approach to shape each element. Our new branding combines familiarity with novelty to address the needs of our target audience and distinguish us in the market.

Boldness in Branding, Boldness in Products

Our new brand is a symbol of our confidence, courage, and commitment to innovate in the Web3 and zero knowledge space. As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, this same boldness is reflected in our product strategy. As a product-led company, we are putting our users, partners, and developers first to understand their needs and build innovative solutions that resonate with them. Our focus is on creating valuable, user-centric products that will bring about the transformative wave of zk adoption and catalyze its profound impact on Web3 and beyond.

Two color schemes are shown. On the left is "For Everyone" with a blue to green gradient, and on the right is "For the Builders" with a yellow to pink gradient.

In line with this commitment to understanding and catering to diverse user needs, we are proud to unveil two distinct color schemes designed to resonate with our varied user audiences. Just as our product strategy prioritizes listening to users, we felt compelled to tailor our design approach accordingly. The two color schemes encapsulate our versatile design ethos, catering to the preferences and aesthetics of our different user groups. One scheme embodies a sleek, professional look, ideal for users in the enterprise sectors, emphasizing trust and reliability. In contrast, the second scheme embraces vibrant colors, appealing to the dynamic and creative community within our developer user base. This deliberate choice reflects our dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that every interaction with our brand feels personalized and engaging.

Staying True to Our Roots

Amidst these changes, rest assured that our core mission remains unchanged. We're the same passionate team with an unyielding commitment to advancing zero knowledge technology. We’re the team of cryptographers and engineers who incubated the crazy idea behind Mina Protocol and launched its mainnet in 2021. We’re still committed to contributing to the development of Mina and the growth of its ecosystem. We believe that blockchain and Web3 have the power to change our world for the better and that we can play our part in building a private and secure way for everyone to access Web3.

As Oscar Wilde wisely said, "Be yourself; because everyone else is already taken." This sentiment underscores our dedication to authenticity and staying true to our values. So even with this new look, we are still the same o1Labs. Our website can still be found at o1labs.org, our open-source codebase repositories are still at https://github.com/o1-labs, and our official Twitter/X profile is still at https://twitter.com/o1_labs. The transition is purposefully seamless for our community - your bookmarks and links all still work!

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We invite you to explore our refreshed brand and join us in shaping the future of Web3. Head over to our brand new website, have a look around and be sure to sign up for our upcoming email newsletter which will commence later this year! This is more than a brand refresh—it's a testament to our dedication, innovation, and the exciting path ahead. Let's continue to catalyze change together!

*For design enthusiasts, stay tuned for a deeper dive into the creative process behind this brand refresh in an upcoming blog post.